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Job Title:  Music Therapist

About Love Learning Music:

We are based in the Nashville area with service locations currently in Murfreesboro and Nashville, TN.  Love Learning Music exists to unify communities through helping the underserved children and families using music, fine arts, mentorship, and partnership so that everyone involved can receive genuine experiences of true love and development.  Love Learning Music has 3 primary programs for achieving our mission: 

  1. Music Therapy

  2. Music Education

  3. Resource Provision

Learn more about our core statements, principles, and company culture at this link:


Job Summary: 

Love Learning Music Team Music Therapists work in collaboration with the Executive Director and Program Director, and the entire service provider team.  Love Learning Music Team Music Therapists are primarily responsible for the complete process of providing music therapy for children.  This position is for a music therapist with passion for, and who specializes with, children ages 3 - 10.  The provided music therapy sessions will be both small group and individual sessions, including as much parent involvement as possible.  The sessions will take place in-home, at our service facilities, at schools, partner therapy centers, and on video call (virtual will be as needed and is open to your discretion, yet we hope you can do virtual if needed).

This position involves company teamwork to develop and improve treatment plans and lesson plans, including partnership with the Team Board Certified Behavior Analyst for treatment plan support and data collection/evaluation.  This position involves autonomy coupled with support from the team.  Love Learning Music values each team member as a respective expert, and we cultivate collaboration to ensure every team member is supported in their position.


The goal for this position is to transition smoothly into a growing caseload of children with special needs, children who have suffered trauma, and children with mental, emotional, and behavioral struggles to overcome.  Your caseload cap will be determined by you, and it will be adjusted at any time per your discretion.  This position is perfect for someone looking to provide music therapy for children ages 3 - 10 and to have the administrative team support for your therapy work.  This position presents the opportunity to focus on music therapy, and all administrative tasks including client recruitment, intake, payment collection, payroll, accounting, data reporting, etc. will be provided by your administrative team.  Additionally, this position includes high potential for providing service for your desired caseload cap continuously with substantial  pay and support ongoing in perpetuity.  Love Learning Music is growing and our administrative team is dedicated to providing an ever-present support system for our therapists and teachers :)



Love Learning Music Team Music Therapists have the following responsibilities:

  • Daily tasks: 

    • Check email regularly. 

      • LLM’s communication policy is 24-hour response time, not including weekends, holidays, and time off. 

    • Ensure treatment plans, lesson plans, assessments, evaluations, and 6-week treatment reports are up to date and ready for services. 

  • Weekly tasks: 

    • Provide music therapy & perform all therapy related tasks such as planning, data recording, evaluating, and communicating with the team and parents.  

    • Provide input on music therapy related grant work via reading and editing/sharing feedback. 

    • Staying connected with Music Therapy groups and organizations as a liaison for LLM.  Including AMTA, MT Task Force, TAMT, Facebook groups, etc.. 

    • Optional-attending LLM Curriculum team meetings on zoom to help with collaborative lesson planning and receive help with your lesson planning. 

  • Monthly tasks:

    • Creating and sharing progress reports with parents and admin.

  • General responsibilities:

    • Love Learning Music Team Music Therapists are responsible for ensuring clients receive quality and consistent service with work in all aspects directly related to providing music therapy. 

    • Collaborating and communicating with LLM Team 

    • Communicating with parents for expectations, goal setting, and in-home follow-up coaching/monitoring. 

    • Ensuring clients and families receive appropriate love, service, and encouragement. 

    • Performing and providing timely and complete assessments, evaluations, and reports.  This aspect is important to providing music therapy, and also very important for gaining and maintaining funding.


Qualifications & Skills:

The Love Learning Music Team Music Therapist position requires Board Certification and foundational skills in communication, family care, team work, passion, and work ethic.  Basic computer, office software aptitude is required.  Any training needed for specific tasks will be provided to you via admin as needed.  Musical understanding and aptitude is required.

  • Board Certification

    • AMTA Music Therapy Board Certification Process

    • Must be current and not lapsed. 

    • LLM will provide pre-paid opportunities for your CEUs

    • If you have not taken the board certification exam yet, LLM can provide professional tutoring from a partner MT-BC who is a former professor of MT and has a private practice for clients and board exam tutoring.  This provision requires a commitment to employment with LLM for at least 1 year.

  • Communication skills

    • Interpersonal communication is important. 

      • Being willing and able to have conversations with parents, team members, partners, donors, etc. This includes in-person, email, over the phone, etc. 

    • Emailing and texting with team members.

      • The Love Learning Music communication expectation is that no message goes more than 24 hours without some type of response.  Life warrants exceptions sometimes.

  • Family Care

    • Providing appropriate and loving care for families including timely and clear communication, quality therapy service focused on the development of the child, and follow-up strategies with coaching and progress monitoring.  

  • Musical understanding and aptitude

    • Basic songwriting and singing ability are required as these are two very impactful elements for clients. 

    • Proficiency with at least one instrument such as guitar, piano, and/or ukulele, is required. 

    • General understanding and ability to incorporate various instruments into service is also required.  

  • Passion for serving families. 

  • Work ethic to always give your best, seek solutions, and persevere.


Salary & Benefits: 

The standard rate for Love Learning Music therapy is $80/hour with certain volunteer events and meetings as optional volunteer time. (Iff you desire to volunteer, as many do for these select times, that is your choice.)  

The standard rate for travel and admin/lesson planning time is $15/trip & $15/hour.  

Love Learning Music does not currently offer standard employee benefits, but that is a goal and is in process.  Soon we will be able to offer affordable and effective employee benefits.


Support System: 

The Love Learning Music is a family.  Help with your position can be received by collaboration with team members.  Coaching for your position from experienced professionals can be scheduled upon request, subject to availability.  Coaching sessions will be over zoom according to coaches’ availability.  The goal is to care for the team so the team can care for children.  If there is ever any lack of support, it will be met in the best possible way. 

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