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Our music education and therapy programs are available across Middle Tennessee, catering to all ages, abilities, and skill levels.


Program Topics


1-on-1 or Group Music Therapy

General Music Therapy sessions that use music to meet non-musical goals. Music Therapy is beneficial for all, including individuals who have suffered trauma, have special needs, and mental, emotional, or behavioral struggles. Some benefits include improvement in functional communication skills, literacy, social skills, fine motor skills, increasing self-esteem, and managing stress and anxiety.

Mommy and Me Music Therapy

Mothers will accompany their children throughout the session and utilize the time as a bonding experience for both mother and child, as well as establish relationships with other mothers and their children.

Inclusive Group Music Therapy

Music Therapy sessions for children of all abilities. Especially helpful for children who benefit from social/emotional learning.

Specialty Programs

Music Therapy programs with an emphasis on specific topics such as:


Lyric Analysis

Rhythm and Movement

Music Production (Audio / Beat / Studio)


Positive Growth with Music

This group program uses music to help develop essential skills like listening, communication, and following directions. This includes activities that are designed to be replicated by teachers and parents.

Adaptive Music Lessons

1-on-1 or group music lessons that are designed to help individuals who have special needs, have suffered trauma, or anyone that needs an adaptive approach to learning.

Specialty Classes

Rock Band



Pop Music

Advanced Rock Band

Students gain valuable social/emotional development as they learn how to communicate and work together as a team to record music in the studio, perform for live audiences, shoot videos, select album artwork, and promote their band.  All of the activities are guided by an experienced teacher and a team of supporters helping with specific aspects of the program.


A small-group class that helps individuals better understand and embody music through movement. It’s an approach that goes beyond traditional dance or music lessons, increasing a sense of rhythm, coordination, and self-expression.

General Music Lessons

1-on-1 music lessons for specific instruments or subjects. We offer most instruments, audio production, video production, music theory, conducting, and musical theater lessons. This program is very helpful for providing positive mentorship.

General Music Classes

Music education classes adapted to each class demographic provided in schools, after school programs, partner non-profits, home school groups, etc. 

Customized programs are available upon request.

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