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Allison Cooper - Flute, Music Theory, & Audio Production


Our Flute teacher, Allison Cooper is a flutist in her fourth year of studying Music Industry and Audio Production at Middle Tennessee State University.  She graduated from Colerain High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she studied under Kirsten Grimsley.  Allison was selected to play in two Ohio University Honor Bands, the Ohio Music Education Association’s Honor Band.  She was awarded the Semper Fidelis Music Award for excellence in music education while learning in Ohio.  She has competed in the Kentucky Flute Society’s Solo Competition and the National Flute Association’s Young Artist Competition.


Currently, she can be found performing with MTSU’s Flute Choir, and Symphonic Band.  Playing the transverse Chinese flute (Dizi), and the Chinese end-blown flute (Xiao), Allison is a founding member of Middle Tennessee State University’s Chinese Music Ensemble.  She has studied Chinese flute for two years under Dr. Mei Han, Zhusong Du and Zengguang Li.


Allison has successfully taught a variety of ages ranging from middle school to university and is excited to work with more students!

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