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John Bosworth - CEO

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           Through a lifetime of teaching youth, John Bosworth discovered his mission to inspire a passion for learning within youth when initiating a music education program at his local Boys & Girls Club.  Spending every available moment volunteer teaching at various Boys & Girls Clubs, John has experienced the benefits music education gives to everyone's lives, especially developing minds!  Through research, service, and learning from amazing educators, John has been developing lessons and techniques for teaching youth since 2012.  


To further the growth of Love Learning Music, John studied Music Business, Audio Engineering, and Not-For-Profit Management at Middle Tennessee State University, graduating with honors in 2016.


Love Learning Music was initiated by John Bosworth through his life-long love of learning and passion for helping people.


 "All credit goes to the amazing leaders and teachers who have loved me enough to make education the most important focus in life:  


My mother, who has selflessly served youth with special needs in her career, developing techniques for teaching, and improving lives in miraculous ways.  


My father, who has always valued education and encouraged me to read the encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, & then look every question up on google to research solutions.  A giving man, who taught me that success is measured by how you help people.


 My grandparents, who put my development first over everything.  

The many amazing teachers I was blessed to have year after year, who directly and indirectly influenced the design of Love Learning Music.  


Most importantly, our God in heaven, who is always with us, giving direction, and provision so we can be who we are meant to be:  One people, loving each other just as God loves us."

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